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ALIEN WORLDS is a science fiction fantasy adventure like no other. The entire series is exclusively available here where you may obtain MP3 downloads, CD's, memorabilia and other Sci-Fi fun! Each story will transport you to the deepest reaches of space through action packed adventures featuring renowned Hollywood actors and an outrageous music score performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Click on Episodes for details and then check out the reviews from The LA Times, Starlog Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle and our family of fans.  Alien Worlds has achieved critical acclaim and received thousands of letters from impassioned Sci-Fi fans from around the globe.

Alien Worlds was originally heard by millions of loyal fans each week on a network of over 1500 top rated FM radio stations worldwide. Today, it has been elevated to the next level 22,000 miles above Earth on Sirius XM Satellite Radio's Sirius XM Book Radio. We invite you to enter this realm. Experience the Ultimate Virtual Realty through your mind's eye. Discover the Elsewhen and Elsewhere of Alien Worlds.

 Listen To An Alien Worlds Overview With Commentary By Leading Radio Programmers.
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". . . I was impressed with its quality and being the director of a planetarium find its potential limitless."
James Brown...
Norwood, Ohio

". . .I just sat down in front of my stereo and began listening to the Alien worlds CD collection. This whole set is worth every single penny I spent."
Otto Zamora ....
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 Alien Worlds Classic Science Fiction Dramatic Audio Adventure Series As Heard On Sirius XM Satellite Radio