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Much More Than An Ordinary Audiobook

Alright it's true about audio books downloadslright, It may be true. The world seems to be falling apart around us. You may find yourself saying, “enough already, stop the world, I want to get off!!"

Well now you can. You can escape through your own wonderful imagination with a fantastic Audiobook called, “Alien Worlds.”

  • ALIEN WORLDS is a fully produced audio experience
  • Top Hollywood Actors 
  • An outrageous music score by the London Symphony Orchestra
  • A full series of unique episodes
  • Listen at home or on the road in your car
  • Hailed by fans and the press alike as an imaginative story telling adventure

Each story creates images in your mind in vivid detail. Most other audiobooks are simply a narrator reading the story to you. What fun is that? Alien Worlds features an amazing cast of Hollywood’s finest actors who tell each unique story through engaging dialogue. You'll hear actors like Geoffrey Lewis, Hans Conried, Casey Kasem, Linda Gary, Lurene Tuttle, George DiCenzo, Peter Leeds, Chuck Olson, Corey Burton and many others.

So, if you are ready to really let your imagination run wild, we invite you to hop on board your very own star cruiser right now and experience the adventure of a lifetime with a free episode. Why not join us?

Simply enter your name and email address at the form above and click “DOWNLOAD NOW!” and instantly you can stop the world and enter a different world . . . an ALIEN WORLD, on the Threshold of The Unknown. Are you brave enough to make the leap through hyperspace?

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