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Press Reviews of Alien Worlds

". . .What lifts Alien Worlds is its special effects--a stereophonic symphony of imaginative sounds and vivid imagery. The show also benefits from a stirring score, composed by James Kirk and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The sound forms the picture in your mind."

" . . .Alien Worlds is an epic saga of future man, with continuing characters and inventive storylines that combine the standard elements of science fiction and effective drama. The result is a fast-paced adventure that is stimulating to the mind."
Al Taylor, Bill Hume & Mike Smith -- STARLOG MAGAZINE Read Full Story

". . .The series emerges as a creative with-it, up tempo adventure. Alien Worlds excels in its use of multi-track stereo sound, synthesizer tricks and symphonic music. The storylines often sparkle, and the authoritative voice of narrator Roger Dressler adds a touch of distinction, as do occasional gems of satire. It is all very classy and inspired for a program that seemingly came from a distant corner of the universe."

". . .Alien Worlds is startlingly realistic. Thanks to sophisticated production values. It has an impressive, 'big' sound, with special electronic and voice effects. The full blown stereo processing turns the home stereo sound system into a theater as intergalactic sounds go from one speaker to another, creating the sensation of motion as the episodes speed along."
Bernard Beck -- THE DAILY NEWS

Fan Mail From Around The World

". . .I just sat down in front of my stereo and began listening to the Alien worlds CD collection. Not even fifteen minutes into the first program, I realized that any doubts I might have had about going a little over board and getting all of the episodes on CD were put to rest. This whole set is worth every single penny I spent. I could find no fault with the quality of the show at all. In fact, my Yamaha together with my Polk audio speakers managed to do justice to the show. Hearing the first show, reminded me just how much I identified with all of the regulars. I just want to say that my hat goes off to Mr. Hansen for a job well done!"
Otto Zamora ....Hialeah Gardens, Florida

". . .Alien Worlds proves once and for all that nothing beats the theater of the mind. Alien Worlds taught me to love Science Fiction, I look forward to passing on this love to my own children."
Daniel Carter...Fresno, California

". . . Not only are the stories imaginative, thoughtful and exciting, but they have an outlook and philosophy that gives us a terrific uplift."
The Shallers... Bronx, New York

". . . I and my dad like Alien Worlds. I am 7-years-old. My dad is 38."
Leo Faro...Anchorage, Alaska

". . . I am a high school communications teacher here in San Jose. My students and I are really involved with Alien Worlds and discuss each episode on Monday mornings."
Charles T. Laws...San Jose, California

". . . an adventure that sometimes makes me laugh, makes me cry, raises my goose-flesh, and always entertains me."
Carol MacFarland...Seattle, Washington

". . . I was impressed with its quality and being the director of a planetarium find its potential limitless."
James Brown...Norwood, Ohio

". . . 'Alien Worlds' has turned out to be a dear and familiar world to me. I love it!
Maribeth Olson...Scarsdale, New York

". . . We are all employees at Bethesda Hospital and never miss a Sunday of Alien Worlds. Thank you very much and we wish you continued success with your fantastic program."
Marianne Stitzel...Cincinnati, Ohio

". . . What a fantastic series you're producing! I haven't missed an episode yet! I've told all of my friends about 'Alien Worlds' and they love it too!"
Ary Renaud...Kansas City, Missouri

". . . 'Alien Worlds' is entertaining timely and appreciated."
Robert R. Shaffer... Cottage Grove, Oregon

". . .Looking forward to the CD's.  My Dad and I use to listen to the show when I was a kid.  I remember looking forward to the weekend broadcasts and the thrills each adventure brought.  Recently we struggled to remember the name of the show and talked about finding it again somehow.  Then one night the name just popped back into my head and a quick search on the internet led me to your site.  Looking forward to re-living the fun with my Dad once again."
Kevin Harrison ... Richmond, VA

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