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  • Alien Worlds offers you original action packed audio adventures from the high frontiers of space as downloadable mp3 or on CD.
  • Alien Worlds is an original dramatic radio adventure heard around the world by millions of fans on Sirius Satellite Network. Grab your own collection of all the episodes on CD or as MP3 downloads along with other fantastic memorabilia from this history series.
  • Get the latest up to the minute news and information about entertainment, movies, theater, music, film and TV.
  • Unusual original science fiction audiobook stories featuring leading Hollywood Actors and music by The London Symphony Orchestra. Easy MP3 downloads.
  • About Alien Worlds includes audio reviews, contact information, history on the making of Alien Worlds and dedication.
  • Details Alien Worlds' policy on privacy for your information safeguards.
  • A look at history in the making of Alien Worlds the dramatic audio adventure. See photo's of Director Lee Hansen in action.
  • A biographical look at the career of Alien Worlds Producer Lee Hansen as a radio personality.
  • Lee Hansen with a dedication for those who shared in the realization of a dream.
  • Audiobook Episodes From The Classic Dramatic Science Fiction Adventure Series Alien Worlds
  • Will Earth freeze over and become a solid mass of ice as the Marcab mine our sun's energy?
  • On their return trip from Timaian-3 Graydon and Griff warp through the time/space continiuum.
  • ISA Astronauts blast off and head to a tiny planet, Kalimar, where an ultimate energy source, glowstone, has just been discovered.
  • An ISA Team journey to Lethe an "Isle of the Dead” in deep space and encounter androids engaged in diabolical activities.
  • Dr. Maura Cassidy appears headed for certain death as she floats in space after her ship is accidentally destroyed.
  • Zellium, a newly discovered mineral, has the capacity to unleash a chain reaction so powerful it could destroy the entire universe.
  • A Quasar Pulse Radio Signal Flashback From The 1930's Leads To a Mistaken Attack On Mars By Earth.
  • King Tut’s necklace has been stolen by alien humanoids who have hijacked a space transport carrying the Tut treasure.
  • A Warp Speed Malfunction Transforms Jon and Buddy Into Children on the planet Valeria.
  • Two benevolent alien elves, with a hostile alien ship in hot pursuit, are given asylum aboard Starlab.
  • Space Test Flight Shrinks Spacecraft and Crew and Lands On A Strange Alien Waterworld.
  • A Journey Into The Distant Past That Forever Changes Earth and Its People.
  • An Alien Inside A Strange Capsule Taken Aboard Starlab Replicates The DNA Of Two Of Its Crew.
  • Giant Crystalline Madonnas Take You On A Transcendental Journey Into A World Of Wonder.
  • A Crashed Spacecraft Near Llasa Leads Us To The Logic That The Himalayan Yeti Are Beings From Alien Worlds.
  • ISA researchers on a visit to the planet Tamerlaine discover strange happenings involving a black cat and all turn up missing.
  • Experiments With Youth Drug Leads To Mysterious Death As A Bizarre Deception Comes Alive On Alien Worlds.
  • A delicate balance of truth could tip the scales between war and peace either way in a major confrontation between two alien civilizations.
  • ISA Crew Discovers An Interstellar Anomaly Ten Light Years From Home.
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